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camping upsate ny

I Camp NY: Central New York Camping

Experience camping upstate NY in a way you never have before by diving into the rich heritage of Central New York.

Healthy Camping Food

Healthy Camping Food

There’s a lot of things to consider when packing for your next camping trip; blankets, clothes, supplies, games, and most importantly, food.

Camping Thanksgiving Weekend

Camping for Thanksgiving in New York State

All this preparation for Thanksgiving got me wondering about New York State’s role in the creation of the holiday...

Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY

Not Just for Big Cities: Museums Across New York State

Often times when you think about museums, you think of the well-known museums in large cities. New York City is home to many of these popular museu...

New York Trails

Hit the Trail to New York Camping

Hit the trail to New York Camping by way of New York State's vast network of hiking, biking, driving trails, and more...

Log Hotel at the Adirondack Museum

Discover History in Your Own Backyard

A listing of just a few of the interesting historical locations in New York State...

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