As states and businesses across the country work through phases of re-opening during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people are trying to infuse a sense of normalcy in their lives in an era of social distancing and mask wearing. This includes figuring out safe, enjoyable, and affordable vacation options.

New York State recently implemented a travel advisory requiring a 14-day quarantine for people traveling into the state from a state on New York’s restricted list (placement on the list is due to significant community spread of the coronavirus on a 7-day rolling average). It stands to reason that many New York State residents desiring to get away from home may be looking a little closer to home than their usual destinations, as well as looking at alternative activities to entertain themselves and their families. They might also be struggling to find an affordable option with last minute planning.

Don Bennett, Jr., President and CEO of Campground Owners of New York (CONY), a trade association for privately owned campgrounds, thinks people may not have enough time or resources to go out of state for a vacation. “If you go to one of the 32 states that are on the restricted list right now for your seven day vacation, that turns into a 21 day vacation if you have to quarantine away from work and other activities for 14 days when you get home. It makes sense to stay in-state and maybe go somewhere closer to home.”

With all that in mind, CONY presents the “Top 10 Benefits of a Camping Staycation,” to help address some of these needs and challenges.

“Top 10 Benefits of a Camping Staycation”

10. Camping is a budget-friendly experience.
9. There are hundreds of campgrounds and RV parks across New York State, with thousands of campsites and on-site rental units, so you can go as close or as far from home you would like, staying in-state.
8. You’ll rack up vacation memories that last a lifetime…or at least until the next Instagram post.
7. It is easy to social distance in your own campsite, allowing you access to the great outdoors while easily keeping apart from other campers.  
6. You can work off that “Quarantine 15” with activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, fishing, and kayaking.
5. If you don’t have an RV you can easily and affordably rent an RV from a national RV rental company or some local RV dealers, and see if the RVing lifestyle is for you.
4. If you’d prefer to travel by car, you can rent an onsite unit like a cabin, cottage, yurt, RV, or glamping structure.
3. Avoid quarantine worries and burdens, because you’re vacationing in-state and not risking travel to a state on the restricted list.
2. You’ll have unlimited exposure to fresh air, sunshine, and open spaces.
1. Of course, the number one benefit is S’mores by the campfire!

For more information about camping in New York, or to find a campground in your neck of the woods, visit Campground Owners of New York at their website,, and follow @nycampgrounds on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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