Cabin Camping in New York State

As representatives of an association that promotes camping in New York, we have the great opportunity to meet many people when we attend travel shows and RV shows. And we always have great conversations about places to camp, things to do, and of course where to get good pie and coffee at diners across the state.

But, one thing that amazes us in all these conversations is this – a lot of people, both new to camping and hardcore campers alike, have never considered cabin rentals as an option for camping in New York. Have you thought about cabin rentals? If not, that could very well be keeping you from enjoying the camping experience.

Why consider a cabin rental? There are a variety of reasons.

If you’re just getting started into camping, renting a cabin or cottage provides you with access to the outdoor recreation experience, without having to bring your own shelter.                It’s sort of the camping world’s version of “try it before you buy it” when it comes to deciding whether you’ll invest in a tent or camper of your own. Depending how your particular rental unit is stocked, you may have to bring your own provisions such as linens, cookware, etc. But you can still try your hand at cooking on the grill, sitting around a campfire, and trekking through the great outdoors before retiring to a building you didn’t have to figure out how to set up…or tow behind your car.

For campers who don’t want to rough it too much, cabin camping is the perfect rustic alternative to go camping, all while enjoying the comfort of a sheltered environment in the great outdoors. Cabin camping in upstate NY means you can still get that outdoorsy, secluded feel without getting too down and dirty by roughing it in a tent.

We’re finding that as fall camping season rolls around, and the weather can be a little iffy, cabin camping in NY becomes increasingly popular. Due to the dropping temperatures, cabin camping allows campers to enjoy camping in the comfort of a cozy, warm shelter. During the changing seasons when weather is especially unpredictable, cabins will keep you dry and warm throughout the rain and dropping temperatures at nighttime. That way you’re refreshed and ready to head out and go leaf peeping, apple picking, or find that great pie and coffee we told you about at the RV show!

While cabins are small enough to encourage quality bonding time with your family and friends, it is nothing like tent camping because cabin camping means everyone has enough space to avoid feeling cramped or claustrophobic. Not to mention, cabins are oftentimes located in secluded locations to give you that feeling of peace and serenity you’re looking for while camping.

If you’re planning an extended trip, cabins are oftentimes more convenient for longer stays. After a few days, the thrill of tent camping wears off when you can’t shower, are subject to a canned food diet and confined spaces. But cabin camping NY means you can spread out, shower and enjoy real meals.

If you’re looking for cabin rentals in NY, look no further than our CONY member campgrounds. Many CONY members have cabins, cottages, on-site RV rentals, or other housing options that will have you feeling right at home on your next camping trip.

Visit for more information on cabin camping NY. NY cabin rentals offers a variety of camping options worth considering located throughout the state including the 1000 Islands, Adirondacks, Catskills, Allegheny Mountains, Hudson Valley, Finger Lakes, Niagara Falls, Long Island, Cooperstown, Saratoga Springs and more.

Oh, and tell the waitress that CONY sent you!

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