Fall Camping

Though the weather is cooling down in New York State, that doesn’t mean camping season is over just yet. In fact, camping during the fall in NYS is one of the best times to take a trip. But preparing for a fall camping trip is a bit different than preparing for camping during the summer. So, we’ve put together a list of fall camping tips for you to consider before you take your next trip to one of our NYS campgrounds.

Plan Ahead

With any camping trip, we recommend some thorough planning ahead of time. But planning ahead during the fall means planning to camp with peak fall colors in mind. One of the most compelling reasons to camp during this season is to enjoy the bright and beautiful fall foliage.

Watch the Weather

Fall can be deceiving because the days are often warm and sunny, but it cools down at night. Prepare for cold weather camping and pack a combination of clothes, both for warm and cold weather camping. Check the forecasts ahead of time and always remember that the weather can turn very quickly. It’s smart to pack a cold weather sleeping bag that will protect against temperatures lower than you expect.

Make a Fall Camping Checklist

As with any camping trip, you should create a camping checklist to make sure you’re not forgetting any important items. Most NYS campgrounds offer general stores for last minute forgotten items, but it’s safe to plan ahead and make sure you’ve got everything you’ll need.

Test Your Equipment

Investing in a three-season tent is a smart decision if you plan on tent camping during the fall. Three-season tents are better equipped to keep rainfall and moisture out. We also recommend bring a tarp to place underneath your tent to protect moisture from seeping in. Or, pack two tarps if you’re anticipating rain so you can set one up over the top of your tent as well.

Locate the Most Awesome Destination

Though it’s hard to pick because all NYS campgrounds are the best, you’ll want to pick a campground that is the best fit for you and your family. Take all things into consideration: if you plan to hike, bike, shop, attend festivals or just relax at the campground, some locations may be better than others depending on your personal preferences.

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