There are so many RV campgrounds in NY for you and your family to visit this camping season. If you and your family are interested in visiting New York State RV parks, we invite you to explore our campgrounds here.

We’ve put together a list of tips and ideas to help make your next RV camping trip great!

• Check your tire pressure before venturing off on your trip. You won’t want to risk a blowout on your way there (or home).

• Weigh your rig. It’s pretty easy to overload when you have an RV. We recommend weighing each corner of a motorhome separately so you can evenly balance the load.

• Measure the height of your RV. You’ll likely find yourself in a situation where a building canopy is too low for you to fit underneath. Better safe than sorry!

• If you’re staying at an RV park or campground with hookups, be sure not to leave the black tank open. Only dump black when the tank is 2/3 or more full, otherwise, you run the risk of having a clog.

• Before hooking up to water, it’s smart to turn the water on for a second before hooking up your hose to avoid getting rust in your tank.

Now that you’re equipped with some of the most helpful RV camping tips, we recommend visiting multiple destinations throughout NYS so you can get a taste of each destination. From camping near NYC to camping in Niagara Falls and anywhere in-between, you’ll find that there is really a little bit of something for everyone when camping in NY. So take to the road with your family in your RV and explore New York campground and RV parks!

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