Thousand Islands Camping

Thanks to all of the events happening this summer in the 1,000 Islands Seaway Region, camping in NY just got even more exciting.

Thousand Islands camping is perfect for water adventure. Here, you can explore the lakes and rivers, take a boat tour or even dive off of one of the many wrecks located in the St. Lawrence river. Even the 12th Annual Thousand Islands River Run (perfect for bikers) offers the opportunity to take in the beautiful lake scenery from land. Located right in the heart of the Thousand Islands, visitors can ride along the beautiful river and enjoy this event happening from June 22 – 24. There will be live music, plenty of vendors and even unique contests to participate in.

If you’re not interested in motorcycles and biking, there’s still other fun-filled events that 1,000 Islands camping can offer. The third annual Buskers in the Bay, happening from July 12 – 15 is an ever-growing event featuring performers from all across North America. The term ‘busker’ is coined from a slang term used in Britain that defines people who perform publicly for donations, oftentimes referred to as street musicians or performers. This event has showcased all different types of performers including poets, live statues, jugglers, puppeteers, snake charmers, pantomiming, caricature drawings, musicians and more!

The annual Oswego Harborfest (July 26-29) is another fantastic event to consider on your next camping trip. This four-day-long event is free of admission and typically attracts around 100,000 people to Oswego, NY. Since it began in 1988, the Harborfest has brought in over 600 national, regional and local performing artists as well as memorable experiences for the family like arts and crafts, local foods and drinks, vendors, fireworks and more.

Alexandria Bay is also proud to be the home of the famous annual Pirate Festival. From August 10 – 19, this 10-day festival is perfect if you plan on camping in the Thousand Islands with family. This event makes you feel like you are truly a part of the action as pirate ships ‘attack’ the village from the St. Lawrence river, filling the air with smoke, cannon booms and the sound of musket fire. There is also an entertainment tent available to fill you in on a full list of activities planned for each day.

Try 1,000 Islands camping this summer with your family and friends. Between all of the events and festivals, you’ll certainly find ways to keep busy. And even if there isn’t anything going on, thousand islands camping has plenty of other beautiful, historic destinations to visit like Alexandria Bay, Boldt Castle, Watertown, Henderson Harbor, Singer Castle and more.

Check this blog out if you’re interested in learning more about the 1,000 Islands Seaway Region camping and all there is to do there!

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