Camping in NY Instagram Challenge

What better time to take to Instagram than a beautiful, picturesque camping trip? Camping is where social began. As years have passed, the ‘social’ aspect has evolved, making Instagram the ideal place to share your memories, experiences, photos and videos quickly and easily with your family and friends.

So, the next time you’re on your camping trip, consider participating in this unique camping Instagram challenge by posting each of the following once a day.

The Road Trip

One of the best parts about a camping getaway is simply getting there. Long car rides with friends and family are always a ton of fun – especially when you’re anxiously anticipating a fun camping trip. Start your camping Instagram challenge by capturing a photo of you and your friends/family on your way to your destination.


You’ve made it! Once you’ve reached your campground, snap a shot of the campgrounds sign.


It’s not a camping trip until you sit around the campfire. Campfires are a staple in every camping trip, so be sure to snag a photo of you and your friends and family around the campfire, whether you’re reminiscing on memories, roasting marshmallows or simply taking in the great outdoors.


Show your followers what they’re missing out on by capturing a good scenic shot. The water, trees, hiking trails, sunrises and/or sunsets are all great ideas for a good nature shot.


There is so much to do on a camping trip, no matter what season you go. Fishing, hiking, biking, snowshoeing or even just relaxing. Be sure to capture a photo of yourself participating in your favorite camping activity.


Once your trip comes to an end, share one last photo of your favorite memory from the trip!

And don’t forget…

Be sure to use the campgrounds hash tag and/or location to get your photos noticed – and to see what other campers are posting. Also check out other relevant camping hash tags, like CONY’s two hash tags: #CampCONY #CampNY!

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