Perks of Hiking While Camping in the Winter

Just because winter is here and the cold is fast on its way, that doesn’t mean hiking season is over. In fact, winter may be one of the best times to hit the trails.

For starters, hiking trails are much less populated during the cold, snowy, icy months. Not to mention, the views that come along with winter hiking are incomparable. It’s like stepping inside a snow globe, experiencing your own personalized winter wonderland.

Hiking in the winter time also means that you’ll likely be burning more calories. Your body’s metabolic rate increases up to 40 percent just by being in the cold weather. Your body will naturally adapt to the cold weather and improve your cardiovascular performance, giving you more of a workout than you normally would during the summer, spring or fall. Being outside in the colder weather believe it or not can actually also boost your immune system.

However, winter hikes may take bit more planning and preparation than other seasons. Since the days are shorter, it gets dark much earlier. So, if you’re anticipating a longer hike, it’s best to get an early start on your day. Secondly, you’ll need to consider the speed you’re hiking may be slower than usual due to weather conditions.

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