5 Tips for Camping in the Rain

Unfortunately, sometimes camping adventures just don’t always go as planned – especially when it comes to the weather.

Mother Nature can always be a little unpredictable, but now that we’re creeping out of the fall and into the colder, winter months, it’s best to expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather.

To avoid being completely caught off guard, here are 5 tips to help you prepare for camping in the rain.

Keep the Coals Hot

When rain and storms come on out of nowhere, it’s easy to get sidetracked and only focus on keeping dry and warm. But don’t forget that when camping, it’s just as important to keep your belongings dry, too.

Store some firewood in a spot that is well-protected from the water so that when the storm passes, you can enjoy a stress-free fire.

Take the Tarp Inside

Helpful hint: place your campground tarps inside your tent rather than outside; you’ll find it provides as a much better barrier to water this way. It serves as an extra sheet of protection against morning water, dew and rain.

Be Smart About Lightning

Lightning can strike before, during and after the main thunder clouds pass overhead. Avoid large bodies of water and high geographic points on land. Also, probably not the smartest idea to find shelter underneath large branches that could break easily during a storm. Get to know your surroundings.

Air Out Your Wet Things

Clothing, shoes, tents, hiking gear…whatever it may be, make sure you unpack all of it immediately and let it fully dry out to avoid molds, mildew and other mysterious scents that will run through the fabrics. Also, be cognizant of rust that may corrode metal items from tent parts and utensils.

Bring A Lot of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can keep repel water just as effectively as any higher-end dry bags. Sure, they’re not reusable like these higher-end bags, but they take up virtually no room and cost next to nothing.

These plastic bags come in handy when trying to cover any of your belongings or to store dry firewood.

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