High-Tech Camper Must-Haves

Some campers use the camping experience as a time to unwind, clear their heads and recharge themselves. Others, however, take it as an opportunity to recharge their phones.

With technology playing such a prominent role in the way we live our everyday lives, gadget-geeks have found that it is a necessity, even when camping.

For any social-media-loving, technology-inclined campers, consider these four high-tech camping essentials.

1. Tech-Compatible Gloves

With the weather starting to cool off, gloves are must-have on the camping checklist during the fall and winter months. Tech-compatible gloves, such as Agloves Sport Touchscreen, are named one of the “best of” in the glove category. The entire glove is tech-compatible, not just the fingertips. Now using gloves when trying to manage your smartphones and touch screens just got that much easier.

2. Light-Up Tent

Sure, lanterns and flashlights are still necessary to pack on your camping trip, but what if you didn’t need to use them so often? Some tents these days are actually strung with LED lights woven into the seams. With just the simple click of a button, these lights run up to 90 hours just on a few AAA batteries. Rattlesnake tent by Big Agnes is available in several models, providing great ambient lighting that isn’t inconvenient like those flashlights and lanterns.

3. Water Filtration Bottle

The LifeStraw Go water bottle is a 22-ounce portable water purifier that removes bacteria and parasites making all water clean to drink. This water bottle can be filled up at any water source – the straw is what makes it safe to drink, and keeps you hydrated throughout all of your camping adventures.

4. Solar Camp Shower

Okay, so part of the camping fun is getting to experience the grit, grime and dirt of mother nature. But, it is nice to have the option of cleaning up when you want to. The Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower allows campers to enjoy heated, pressurized showers, while letting gravity and sunlight do all of the work for them.

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