Camping Before Social Media

So, before there was ever Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or whatever else the social media world is bringing to the table next, what was there?

We’ve become so accustomed to the world of social media. Posting our photos, videos, memories, thoughts and blogs has become second nature to us. It’s near impossible to believe that we ever got along in a world without social media. But we did.

And before you gasp in shock at the thought of a life without wall posts, retweets and filters, stop and think about it for a second. Maybe the reality of this concept isn’t so shocking after all.

The idea of “social” has never really left. It’s existed for years, it’s just evolved. When you tack the word “media” onto the end, it becomes a whole new universe filled with followers. But without “media,” “social” still remains, as it always has, and it always will – no matter what it evolves into next.

In fact, camping was (and is) a great place to really absorb the true meaning of “social.” Cooking with other campers, exploring new adventures, hiking with loved ones and endless conversions with friends, both new and old is equivalent to what we’ve come to know as friend requests and “DM’s.”

Believe it or not, camping is actually a lot like social media. In fact, we’re even daring to say that camping is where social began. Anything you would do at home behind a computer screen, smartphone, iPad or tablet, you can experience in real-time, face-to-face at a campsite.

Friend requests? It’s the same thing as getting up from your campsite and walking around to meet the neighbors. Only, it’s better because it’s more authentic. It’s so common for people to accept requests from acquaintances, friends-of-friends or people we may not even know just because it apparently “looks cool” to have a lot of friends. But on a camping trip, it genuinely feels cool to put yourself out there, genuinely have interest in the campers around you and develop some sort of relationship with the people who obviously have similar interests as yours.

Want me to let you in on another secret? Before there were ever “wall posts,” it used to be called conversation. Long, meaningful, deep conversations have since been replaced with short abbreviations like “LOL,” or “G2G.” Camping is a time to bring back those conversations and find someone you haven’t caught up with in a while. Their interested, enthusiastic response will most likely be much more meaningful than an emoji or a brief comment back.

And lastly, let’s stop putting a filter on everything because let’s face it, life is not filtered. Life is about those candid moments that you cannot recreate. It’s about enjoying the beauty of mother nature and the company of the ones you love. We’ve been brainwashed to believe everything we see on social media is real. We should look a certain way, or our lives should be a certain way. I promise you, once you put down your phone and look at the beauty that is nature and the beauty that is in your family and friends, you will no longer feel the desire to conform to what you see on social media.

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