6 Reasons Social Media Enthusiasts Should Go Camping

Whether or not you’d like to admit it, to some degree we’re all a little addicted to social media and the world of technology. In this day and age, it’s pretty much second-nature to post our experiences to Facebook, retweet, pin to our favorite boards or find that perfect filter.

Camping trips allow us to metaphorically get off the grid and literally off of the wi-fi. The lack of data coverage may initially be overwhelming or frustrating to some, since we are so caught up in the world of social, but you may find there are many benefits that come along with camping and being forced to disconnect.

1. Forces You to Be Creative

It seems as though it doesn’t really take much for people to be entertained lately. As long as there’s some sort of screen in front of them and relatively quick internet speed, then the rest doesn’t matter. Well, when you’re forced to disconnect from the world of social, you’re also forced to find new ways to entertain yourself and your family and friends. You may find that cards, board games, good old-fashioned fun and genuine conversations may be more interesting than refreshing your feed over and over again.

2. Face-to-Face Interaction

Are you in a room full of people right now? Or even if you’re just taking a walk outside, I dare you to look up from the screen you’re absorbed in right now. How many people are on their phones, tablets, iPads or computers? Probably most of them, right? The beautiful thing about camping is that you can actually enjoy face-to-face conversations with one another. Just think about it – how many times do you sneak a peek at your phone whenever you’re hanging out with your friends or family? You’re probably embarrassed to even admit that most of your time may be spent on your phone. On camping trips, there are little to no distractions. It’s just you and your loved ones. You have everyone’s undivided attention and they have yours.

3. Connect with Nature

How often can you say you’re truly one with nature? How often do you look around and actually appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you? Probably not much, especially you social media enthusiasts. We get so absorbed in our phones that sometimes we forget to simply look up. There’s no better time or place than a camping trip to immerse yourself in nature and appreciate the beauty that comes along with it. The peaceful, relaxing and beautiful setting will have you forgetting about your phone in no time.

4. Teaches You to Manage Your Resources

So you’re in the middle of nowhere. Resources are scarce and limited. There’s only so much firewood, ice and supplies and *gasp* no electrical outlets! But hey, even this comes with its benefits. You learn how to effectively manage the resources that you brought and are made available to you. It’s so easy to take advantage of things these days, especially considering the technology factor. Without easy access to any technology, you appreciate things more.

5. Appreciate What’s Really Important

Tying right into teaching you to manage your resources, you will find yourself appreciating the little things more. Spending significant, quality time with the people you love most, appreciating the beauty of nature…it doesn’t get better than that. Far more important than the number of likes you get on Instagram or the number of followers you have is the number of precious moments and memories you’ll make with the people who mean most to you.

6. Return with a New Outlook Completely

With all of these positive benefits that come along with ditching social media and immersing yourself into nature and disconnecting from the outside world, you will find yourself returning to the world of social you left with a completely new perspective. After realizing what’s really important and what really matters, you may find yourself understanding how insignificant social media really is.

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