Avoid These 4 Common Camping Mistakes

Camping is supposed to be one of the simplest, most relaxing getaways. A great chance to bond with family, friends and loved ones while communing yourself to the splendor of the natural world. What could go wrong?

Actually, a lot. That is if you’re not well-equipped and well-prepared.

Most camping errors and blunders can easily be avoided with just a little advance planning.

Choosing the Wrong Sized Tent

Going to the store and buying a tent to camp out in isn’t as simple as picking the prettiest design or color. There are plenty more variables that can either make or break your tenting experience including size and season. Unless you’re backpacking, always go two to three capacity ratings higher than the actual number you anticipate sleeping in that tent. It’s always better to play it safe and give yourself the amplest room for the most comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Not Testing All Your Equipment

Before hitting the Road Rookie mistake. You don’t want to arrive to your camping ground just to find out you’re missing tent pegs, your sleeping bag zipper is jammed, there’s a hole in the air mattress or your flashlight doesn’t work. Before you head out, make sure that everything you have stowed away is in mint condition (or the best condition camping gear can possibly be in, at least). You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Forgetting to Pack a Busy-Bag

A busy-bag, a bored-box…whatever it is you call it, bring it. A bag filled with cards, books, toys, telescopes, pens, pencils – you name it – can save your days, especially when the weather isn’t so great. Your busy-bag is what will keep you sane during the rainy, windy and/or cold days. Or even on nights you’re up late and can’t sleep, you’ll want to make sure you’ve brought something to keep your mind occupied.

Going Over the Top with Your Meals

Listen buddy, camping in the great outdoors is not the time for you to show off your Gordon Ramsey skills. Realize that while ‘glamping’ is on the rise, you’re still going to be roughing it to some degree. It’s best to plan out your daily meals and be realistic while planning. Sticking to one-pan dishes isn’t a bad idea. They’re quick, easy, delicious and lessen sink time. Packing snacks like crackers, granola bars, peanut butter and easy, quick food/snacks is always a life saver.

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