Share Your Best Camping Experiences

Camping doesn’t have to mean stopping by at the nearest gift shop to purchase a souvenir. Camping doesn’t even have to mean carrying around high-quality cameras with intentions of developing photographs. With the help of social media, some of the best keepsakes and memories can be shared in the form of posts.

According to the 2016 North American Camping Report, 88 percent of campers bring their mobile phones along with them on their camping trips – and it’s not just millennials, either.

Wi-Fi is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after luxury amenities for all campers of all ages. Why? Because of social media.

Social media outlets serve as a platform for people to look up local outings, manage trips, receive weather updates, capture moments and share them instantaneously. Phones can even serve as a means of a safety tool in case of emergencies.

Some may argue that social media is a distraction from enjoying the great outdoors because you aren’t truly allowing yourself to be distant from the everyday happenings in the world. But for others, social media is a way to share what they’re experiencing with the people they love.

Most people have at least one relative or friend who lives far away. But with the help of social media, these loved ones can enjoy special moments instantly no matter where in the world they are.

For some, camping experiences can actually be improved by using social media. In fact, it may even inspire their followers to consider a camping trip themselves.

Another reason social media may improve camping experiences is because it helps to recall memories more easily. Since memory is often selective, interactive functions on social networking sites helps us to recall exact memories and experiences through our pictures, posts, likes and comments.

Facebook is a perfect example of this theory. Facebook periodically will show its users photos, posts, videos and other interactions from previous years to remind them of certain events, which prompts social media users to revisit these experiences.

Leveraging the power of social media content can influence other social media users to take action and consider camping, too. People like what other people like, plain and simple. Through Instagram photos, Snapchat stories, Facebook live video or even tweets, people can engage with friends and family on camping trips and see first-hand exactly what its’ like and why they should consider camping, too.

Engaging with social media users who are excited about the experiences being shared is always a perk of social media activity. That’s why using social media during camping trips has seen a steady increase.

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