These four apps could change the way you hike.

So you’re going camping – you leave the phone, iPad and technology at home, right? Wrong.

In fact, bringing your phone along may be a rather smart decision, especially if you’re anticipating some hiking adventures.

Let’s face it, road maps are a thing of the past and you won’t be bringing one along. Why would you choose fumbling around with a hard-to-read and even harder-to-understand print map when you can do all of the navigating right in the palm of your hand?

Digital trail maps have become extremely intuitive, useful and handy. Even though some may argue that camping is a great excuse to unplug from the outside world, you may find yourself realizing that your phone may become your new best friend during your camping adventures.

On your next hiking trip, consider the below five apps that can help you navigate your way through mother nature’s finest trails. You may find yourself saying you’ll never go hiking without them again.


If you’re looking for a trail app that has a little bit of everything, Spyglass is the app for you. Binoculars, a compass, a series of maps, a GPS, waypoint tracker, speedometer, star finder, range finder camera and more. The list goes on.

Spyglass supports dozens of different coordinate systems and is perfect for playing other outdoor recreational games like geocaching, for example.

All of its features are useable offline, which means it’s virtually impossible to get lost by using this convenient, multi-purpose app.

Map My Hike

Map My Hike can help hikers to find the nearest trails. In conjunction with a wearable fitness tracker, it also records every fitness stat that you may be interested in knowing like pace, distance, duration calories and elevation.

Users can track and map virtually every hike with this easy-to-use app. For every mile you go, you'll get feedback and stats to help you improve your performance.

Maps 3D Pro

One of the only three-dimensional map apps, Map 3D Pro is one of, if not the absolute best option to visualize your ideal hiking route.

Its intuitive interface displays full-length trails in miniature mountain dioramas, all while still offering the luxuries of displaying data tracking, offline usage and route logs.

The easy-to-use search feature and rich 2D and 3D color topo map views allows the user to quickly view the layout of the land.

Not to mention, the offline access makes it refreshingly different in comparison to other outdoor recreation apps.


AllTrails allows users to sharpen their search through a series of filters including hiking, biking, running, length of trails and difficulty level. By narrowing down these features, hikers can find exactly what it is they’re looking for.

Over 50,000+ trails worldwide can be located through AllTrails, including an extensive list of reviews, photos and other insider tips posted by other community members who’ve hiked the same trails.

AllTrails serves as a sort of GPS tracker as well by recording your pace, distance, elevation and speed throughout the course of your hike.

AllTrails helps to take some of the uncertainty out of hiking by getting all of the necessary details before you hit the road, visiting all options and filtering searches to carve out your ideal hiking trip to your liking.

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