S'more alternatives

When one thinks of camping, they often envsion a nightly campfire. And there's nothing better over that campfire that the makings of a s'more. There’s nothing like the sight of the perfectly golden marshmallow, hot off the fire ready for your dessert sandwich.

The History of the S'more

A very easy and tasty treat, the s'more has a rich history with camping dating back to the 1920's when it was also already popular with the girl and boy scouts. The word s'more itself is a contraction of the phrase "some more" because who doesn't want some more s'mores? While the exact origin of the s'more is still not clear, there is record of a Graham Cracker Sandwich Recipe from a book published by the Campfire Marshmellow company.

Traditional vs. Alternative S'mores

While the traditional marshmellow, chocolate, and graham cracker combination is hard to beat, it can always be enhanced or even altered to suit your tastes. With that in mind, here are some variations on the traditional s'more that you may want to try.

1. Peanut butter

Who doesn’t like chocolate and peanut butter?! Two of the best flavors in one. There are a couple ways to make this: adding peanut butter to the graham cracker, or swapping the chocolate bar for a peanut butter cup. Either way, you’re going to have a tasty delight.

2. Skip the graham cracker

What? What is a s’more without a graham cracker? DELICIOUS. Instead of using a boring old cracker, mix it up a bit.  Use homemade chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, or even pretzels!  The pretzels can get a bit messy with the melty marshmallow, but it's worth it!

3. Add fruit

Add some fruit! In no way is this a “healthy spin” on the classic s’more, but hey- we can pretend! Slice up some strawberries and put them on top of the melted chocolate, or dice up some pineapple.

The possibilities are endless with this delicious and versatile treat. Looking for more options? Check out this article with 50 of the best s'more recipe ideas for inspiration.

If you have a favorite or unique s'more recipe, we'd love to hear about it! Leave a note in the comments, or shout out on Facebook or Twitter @nycampgrounds to share your unique spin on the s'more!

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