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It’s our favorite time of year again… the start of camping season in New York!

Some campgrounds in New York State are already open and some are preparing to open this month. That means if you haven’t already, it’s time to start making your campground reservations. Note that some campgrounds book fast, so the earlier, the better to ensure you get your first choice. To find a campground, visit our Explore NY page for a listing of regions and campgrounds within those regions. You can also use the "Find Your Park" tool at the top right of our site.

Whether you are a veteran camper or are trying camping for the first time this year, here are a few tips for getting ready for first camping trip of the season.

Dust Off Your Camping Equipment

Most likely you’ve had your camping equipment stored somewhere for the winter. This could include a tent, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, and even an RV. Be sure to get your camping equipment out ahead of time to check that all is in working order and give it time to air out after being stored away for several months. It’s best to do this now in case a repair or new purchase is needed, so you’ll have plenty of time to get it fixed before your trip.

Don’t Go Hungry

You’ll want to have non-perishable foods on hand for meals and snacking. Some of this such as granola bars, trail mix, canned soups, beans, etc. can be purchased well in advance. This will help to mitigate a large grocery bill just before your trip. In addition, it's a good idea to stock up on bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth.

Safety First

Make sure that you have a first aid kit and that it’s stocked with first aid supplies including band-aids, ointments, etc. In addition, make sure to bring a flashlight and extra blankets.

Also Be Prepared with Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Whether you’re staying in a tent, cabin, RV or other accommodation, it’s important to bring along your sunscreen and bug spray. It’s always a good idea to have sunscreen on hand. Even if it’s cloudy, there is still a chance for the sun to affect you. And, woods or no woods, bug spray will help protect you against mosquitos and other biting insects.

Try Something New

Our theme this year is “Plan Your ‘Bucket List’ Camping Adventure”. There are most likely some New York State Attractions you haven’t seen or activities that are on your bucket list. Consider trying something new this year. Check out our Bucket List Camping Adventure checklist to see if there is something there you’d like to do. No matter what campground you’re staying at, there is sure to be an adventure nearby.

If you do add something to your bucket list, please share your ideas and suggestions with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Be sure to tag us using the CONY handle @nycampgrounds and also use #NYSBucketList so we’re sure to see your ideas.

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"Ready, Set, Go Camping!
Tips for preparing for your first camping trip of the season."

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