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In this post, we are focused on camping in the Hudson Valley, Long Island, New York City region. This area is already a popular location to visit as it encompasses one of the largest cities in the world with many attractions and historic sites. With all of this activity, this region also boasts a large number of campgrounds with access to the city as well as in the greater metro areas of Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

Long Island Camping
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The New York City metro area offers the best of all worlds - bustling city, mountain hiking, and ocean viewing. Whatever your preference, quiet, loud or somewhere in-between, this region offers something for everyone, including a number of campgrounds that will make your stay even more enjoyable.

By the Water

Surrounded by water, camping on Long Island provides an opportunity for fishing, water sports, beach combing, seaside dining, and more. In addition to beach activities, the area also has waterparks, historic locations, museums, aquariums, and other unique locations.

Not to be forgotten, the Hudson River, which gives the Hudson Valley its name, also offers plenty of opportunity for fun by the water. This includes a water trail system, river boat tours, hiking along the river, and much more.

Wine & Fine Food

It may not be as well known that in addition to the Finger Lakes, Long Island and the Hudson Valley are also home to numerous award-winning wineries. In fact, the Hudson Valley is America's oldest wine grape growing and wine making region. Select one or two to visit or plan a tour. In addition to fine wine, this region is also known for its culinary excellence.

Fall in the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is known for its beautiful landscape and in fall, the area is that much more beautiful with the changing color of the leaves. Along the Hudson River and beyond, the area has numerous hiking and biking trails that allow for great views and a chance for experiencing nature. Throughout the summer and fall, the area is host to numerous festivals and events celebrating the season.

Traveling To & Touring New York City

If you’re looking to tour New York City, but don’t want the hassle or expense of staying in the city, there are many campgrounds just outside that offer tours. These bus tours provide the opportunity to see the city and view some of the major sites and attractions. Or if you're looking to explore the city on your own, some of these local campgrounds offer a shuttle service to the local train station for easy accessibility to getting into the city.

If driving your RV, camping just outside the city at a campground that offers tours or easy accessibility to the city is ideal. Then there is no need to drive your RV into the city where streets are narrow and traffic can be terrible.

If you have yet to try camping in the New York City/Long Island/Hudson Valley region, it should be added to your bucket list. Even if you live in New York City or surrounding areas, staying at a campground in this region can provide much rest and relaxation close to home.

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