When talking about camping in New York State, for easy reference, the state is often divided into regions. In this and an upcoming series of blog posts over the next several months, we will be looking at the various New York State regions. We will be exploring the things that make that region special including sites to see, things to do, and places to go.

You may be wondering what these regions are and where they're located. On the CONY website, we have our version of the regional map as follows:

New York State Camping Regions

Regions include:

Each of these regions within New York State offers campers a new and different experience. Due to New York's rich history, each region has numerous historic sites and locations as well as museums and art galleries. In addition, the landscape for each region varies from the Adirondack Mountains to the many lakes of the Finger Lakes to farming areas, apple orchards, and fields of grape vines. This variation offers numerous activity options and availability. Every region in New York has something special to offer campers.

Stay tuned to learn more about each of these regions, and specifically their unique features as a camping host!

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