Camping for Relaxation

In a recent study conducted by the KOA, it was revealed that one of the top reasons people choose camping as a vacation option is for a healthy escape. In the past, camping as a low-cost vacation option has always been one of the first on the list. And, though camping can be less expensive than other getaway options, the ability to reconnect with nature, reduce stress and spend more time with family and friends tops the economic benefits.

It’s no wonder. In our increasingly busy and constantly connected lives, the idea of a simplified vacation away from the mainstream is especially tempting. In addition, when camping, your trip can be as busy or relaxing as you’d like. Most campgrounds have numerous activities and there are usually plenty of sites to visit around a campground location. Or, if you’d rather take it easy, you could simply enjoy the quiet on your own or with family and friends.

In addition to camping being a healthy escape, the KOA survey indicated other trends among campers:

Camping Can Strengthen Relationships

Many campers plan their camping getaways with family and friends. While daily living can get very busy with varying schedules and activities, camping is a great way to spend time together without the interference of needing to be somewhere, the television, or some other distraction. Camping is a good way to come together, share unique experiences and spend time relaxing together to reconnect with loved ones.

Escaped, but Still Connected

Although campers use camping as a way to escape in order to relax and unwind, they still want the ability to be connected. In the same KOA survey, the majority of campers indicated that in looking for a campground, they look for one that offers free Wi-Fi. Although escaping is nice, many jobs require at least a check in depending on the length of your trip and the availability of Wi-Fi makes this a little easier.

Camping Season in New York State Begins

With camping being such a great way to get away and unwind, now is the time to plan your trip! Most campgrounds in New York State will soon be open and starting their busy season. Decide what kind of camping trip (or trips) you want to take and search for a campground that will meet those needs. The CONY 'Find Your Park' search feature (click on Filter Search Results) allows you to narrow down campgrounds in New York State depending on your preferences. Many New York campgrounds also offer the ability to book online, making securing your trip even easier.

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