Cabin Camping in New York State

Many campgrounds in New York State offer the option of staying in a cabin rather than camping outside or needing an RV to be indoors. Campground cabins vary in size and amenities. Whether you’re looking for a more “rustic” stay in the woods, or more deluxe accommodations, there is a campground in New York State that offers a cabin rental to meet your needs.

What to Expect

You may think of staying in a cabin and wonder what the experience will be like – will it be too hot, uncomfortable? Some cabins, while solid, are fairly rustic including just basic furnishings. With these more rustic cabins, you'll need to bring linens, cookware for the kitchen (if the cabin has one) or campfire, as well as any other items to make your stay more comfortable. However, some campgrounds offer cabins or cottages with amenities to make your stay comfortable such as air conditioning (and heat if open in the winter months), full sized bathrooms with showers and hot water, stove top for cooking, wi-fi, and more. Check with the campground on the types of cabins they offer and to see what you may need to bring.

Deciding Where to Stay

If you do want to try cabin camping, as mentioned numerous campgrounds offer the option throughout New York State. The first step would be to decide on the region you would like to visit and then find a campground in that region that offers a cabin type that is appealing to you. The NY Cabin Rentals website is a great place to search for cabin rentals by region. There may be a specific attraction you are looking to see, or if you’re looking for ideas, check out our bucket list ideas in the 2016 New York Campground and RV Park Guide.

Cabin Camping is Great for “Beginners”

If you’ve never been camping before or only a few times, cabin camping is a great way to try it out. Perhaps you will try cabin camping and never move on to any other type. Or, as you get comfortable with staying at a campground, a cabin rental could lead to trying out tent camping, or even deciding to get your own RV. Whichever becomes your preferred method, cabins are a great way to try out camping in a more comfortable setting.

More than Just Cabins

In addition to cabins, many New York State campgrounds also offer rental houses, on-site RVs and park models, yurts, teepees, as well as cottages or bunkhouses for larger groups. Depending on the size of your party and the type of amenities you are looking for on your camping trip, one of these options may work better for you.

Share Your Cabin Camping Experience

Have you recently gone camping while staying at a cabin, or do you plan to this camping season?  If so, did you visit or do you plan to visit a New York State attraction that has been on your bucket list? We're working on creating the ultimate New York State attraction bucket list by developing a NYS Bucket List Brigade. Please help by sharing your ideas and suggestions with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Be sure to tag us using the CONY handle @nycampgrounds and also use #NYSBucketList so we’re sure to see your ideas.

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