Lovin' New York State

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
We Love New York State
How About You?

Due to one of the most famous, or infamous “holidays” - Valentine’s Day - February is often known as the month of love. Picture calendars tend to feature hearts or other Valentine’s Day related images and you can find chocolate almost anywhere.  Therefore, in this post, in honor of the month of love, we are expressing our love for the Empire State of New York and sharing some reasons on why we love it – especially for camping!

  • Beautiful and Varied Landscape
    From mountains to fields, and lakes to rivers, New York State is beautiful most any time of year. We love the terrain and the variation makes it great for campers looking to do different activities, whether it be water sports or hiking.

  • City and Country
    New York State is home to one of the greatest cities in the world – New York City - as well as a number of other smaller cities. It’s also home to some more remote areas, many covered in cornfields, grape vines, and apple orchards.  Whether you prefer to be in the hustle and bustle or like your alone time, or both, New York offers it all and has campgrounds options for either.

  • Food, Food, Food
    We love our food and we love that New York is so rich in the culinary arts. Have you been to the New York Wine Culinary Center in Canandaigua? The center offers culinary classes and various wine clubs as well as a tasting room. In addition, it has a restaurant that uses local, fresh foods.  There are also numerous local restaurants throughout the state with food that is new and exciting. Many of these restaurants also use locally sourced produce and meats. Almost any area you’re camping in will have a local restaurant nearby, whether it is a diner or bistro – great for a night out during a camping stay.

  • The Four Seasons
    New York State truly offers the full experience of the four seasons. From hot summers to cold and snowy winters, and a blustery, cool fall and spring, you'll never miss a season here. The summers are ideal for camping, especially with so many campgrounds near lakes or featuring pools and other water activities. But, we've written about it before, the winter can also be a great time for camping.

Our list could continue, but these are some of the top reasons we love the Empire State - especially when it comes to camping. How about you? Is there a reason you love New York State for camping? We mentioned in our last post that we are creating a New York State camping and travel bucket list; are any of these items why you love New York? Don't forget to share your ideas and suggestions with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Be sure to tag us using the CONY handle @nycampgrounds and also use #NYSBucketList so we’re sure to see your ideas.

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