Winter Camping in New York

As we move deeper into the winter months, winter camping in New York State is in full swing. With this winter being milder in both temperatures and snow than in recent years, now is the time to take advantage of winter camping opportunities.

There are a few campgrounds in New York still open during the winter months. To find those that are open, when viewing a campground profile, check Park Season dates to see if a park is open, or call the campground directly. For example, the Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain KOA Campground Profile states: Open Year Round. Many of the campgrounds open in the winter offer heated cabins for a comfortable stay.  

Activities While Camping in the Winter

Campgrounds that are open in the winter tend to be near ski areas due to the increased likelihood of visitors. Although we’ve had a lack of significant snowfall in New York this season, many ski areas make their own snow. And, with it only being January, there is still plenty of opportunity for more snowfall.

The winter months are a great time for hiking. Bare trees can make for better sightseeing providing a peak at sites that may be hidden when there are leaves on the trees. The cold hardens the ground reducing the likelihood that you’ll be walking through mud. Though it may be cold, you’ll quickly warm up while hiking, but not overheat as you could during the summer months.

Snowshoeing and Sledding
When we do get some more significant amounts of snow, snowshoeing and sledding are great activity options for both kids and adults alike.

What to Bring for Winter Camping

Whether you are staying put indoors either in a cabin or RV or braving the elements and planning to camp outside, it’s important to be prepared when going camping in the winter. Here are some essential items to bring for cold weather camping:

  • Warm Clothing
    Even if you’re staying indoors, you’ll need warm clothing for your stay. A warm coat, sweaters, long underwear, gloves, and hat are all necessary items.
  • Hand and Foot Warmers
    If you are camping outside, or are planning to spend much of your time outside while camping, hand and foot warmers can be a great way to keep warm.
  • Warm Drinks and Food
    Drinking and eating something warm can help you stay warm. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup... all good options to bring when camping.
  • Extra Blankets
    Even if you're staying indoors, it's always nice to have some extra blankets for keeping warm.

Check here for a comprehensive list of tips and items to bring for cold weather camping.

Winter Camping... A Must Try

Camping in the winter is a great experience, whether you enjoy the cold weather or not. It's a great opportunity to get out of the house during those winter months. Even if you don't enjoy being in the cold weather, staying in a heated cabin while enjoying the scenery from your window still makes for a great getaway!

2016 New York Campground & RV Park GuideLooking Forward To Spring

Even if you don't get to camping this winter, spring is just around the corner. Most campgrounds are already preparing for their upcoming camping seasons and we at CONY have just published the 2016 New York Campground & RV Park Guide. This guide is a great resource for planning and scheduling your upcoming camping plans. Order your FREE 2016 New York Campground & RV Park Guide here.

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