New Year, New Camping Season in New York State

It’s almost the New Year and that means the beginning of a new camping season is just around the corner. You may think it’s too early to be thinking about your plans for camping, but many campgrounds are already booking for the 2016 season. And, the more popular dates such as Memorial Day Weekend, the 4th of July holiday and Labor Day Weekend tend to book quickly. Many campgrounds offer online reservations, or you can give them a call and they are always happy to help out.

Here are some other things to consider as the 2016 camping season approaches:

Where to Camp

You may have your favorite campground that you like to visit yearly, but maybe this year you want to explore a new location. New York State is filled with excellent campgrounds and in fact, New York is home to two of the top ten best campgrounds for families according to the Travel Channel.

Take the time now to look at different areas in New York State and locations you might like to visit. Our Explore New York section will give you details about the various regions in New York and you can then find campgrounds in those areas.

When to Camp

As mentioned, campgrounds tend to book quickly for the more popular camping dates so if you are looking to go camping on these dates, be sure to look into booking your spot at the campground of your choice now. If you’re still not sure when you’d like to go, it’s a good idea to begin looking at your schedule and decide what dates would work best. If you’re interested in camping in the spring as campgrounds open or in the fall as things wind down, reservations are often easier to come by. Though the weather in some locations in New York State can be unpredictable, the past few years have shown that the weather during those times can be quite nice with less heat and humidity, but still pleasant. And, even if you're still concerned about the weather, there are many campgrounds throughout the state that offer cabin rentals.

Camping with Family and Friends

When it comes to camping, the more the merrier! Check with your family and friends and see about making it a group getaway. Think about reserving now to secure two or more cabins or tent sites next to each other. Also, some campgrounds in New York offer buddy sites for RVs, which are pull thru sites laid out so that you can be next to each other with a common area in the middle. To find campgrounds that offer these buddy sites, check our Find Your Park in the upper right corner of this page, do a search by where you want to stay or by campground name, then click on the "Filter Search Results" in the bar at the top of the page. Within the filter, select "Buddy Sites Available" (and any other filters) in the middle column in the amenities section.

Campground Activities

In addition to the favorites, many campgrounds offer new activities and events each year. Especially over the past few years, many parks have added, or are planning to add more exciting things to do such as river tubing and rafting, zip lines, laser tag, and other adventurous activities. Some campgrounds have theme weekend, bands, special activities for kids, and more. If you’re interested in visiting a campground, be sure to check out their website for a listing of activities and events for the 2016 season. If not up yet, check back as some campgrounds may be posting events as it gets closer to their opening day.

Your Camping Equipment

Now is the time to begin evaluating your camping equipment. Determining what might need fixing; what’s still good or what might need to be replaced in everything from sleeping bags, to tents, to other outdoor equipment. This is especially true if you own an RV or are looking to get one. January kicks off a new round of RV Shows and Camping Expos throughout New York State. To find a listing of these shows, visit where you can search by state and month to find an event.

Whatever your preference in where, when, and who to camp with, the time to begin thinking about it is now. After the madness of the holidays passes and things begin to calm down, taking the time to make your camping plans will likely save you from many headaches and stress that may come from waiting.

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