Echo Lake in the Catskill Mountains, NY

Fall is officially here and that means that fall camping is now in full swing. Fall is a great time to go camping for a number of reasons including the changing color of the leaves, smaller crowds, fall activities, and more! If you are planning a camping trip here in New York State, here are some things you need to know.

1. Let There Be Light!

We all know that as fall arrives, days get shorter and nightfall happens earlier. Therefore, be sure to bring some type of long-lasting light source for getting around during the evening hours. A flashlight, lantern, headlamp or other light source will help you to move around outside, and inside if you’re staying in a tent. LED lights offer long lasting light by using less energy to power.

2. Dress for Success

Though some days may still get warm, during the fall season the nights are inevitably colder. Be sure to bring warm clothes, especially if you’re sleeping in a tent. This includes hats, mittens/gloves, jacket, and even long underwear for the colder days and nights. And, if you’re planning on tent camping, be sure to bring a warm sleeping bag.

3. Bring Something Warm to Drink

There’s nothing better on a cold morning than a warm drink. So whether your preference is coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, be sure to bring it and something to warm it. If a warm drink is not your thing, then consider bringing some comfort foods such as oatmeal or soup to get yourself warmed up and moving in the morning.

4. Bring Extra Fuel & Other Emergency Items

If planning on cooking outside, be sure to bring extra fuel along as it can take longer to heat items when it’s colder outside. In addition, be sure to bring other extra items including water and food, first aid supplies, and warm clothes due to an unexpected emergency or weather. If you're not sure exactly what to bring, Coleman's has a helpful outdoor checklists for tent and RV camping.

5. Don’t Delay!

The season for many campgrounds is coming to an end, but there is still time! This coming weekend is a long one for many due to Columbus Day. In addition, in the next few weeks, many campgrounds will be featuring fall and Halloween related events. Visit our events page or contact a campground directly for information on upcoming events during these final weeks of camping for many.

And, if the thought of sleeping outside in the colder weather does not appeal to you and you don’t have an RV, many campgrounds offer other options for sleeping including cabins, cottages, yurts, and more depending on the campground.

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