End of Summer Camping

It’s hard to believe, but now that it’s August, we’re in the remaining weeks of summer. Of course summer doesn’t officially end until September 23, but long before that kids will be going back to school and most everyone will be returning to a more structured routine of work/school and activities. Now, I love the fall myself and there is still plenty of opportunity for camping post-August, but after the long winter we had this past year, I’m savoring every moment of summer sun and warmth.

So, while it’s still warm outside and there’s still some time before the kids have to head back to school (in New York State at least – some are already going back in other states!), here are 5 ways you can take advantage of this time while you’re at your favorite campground.

5. Water Activities

Many campgrounds have an abundance of water activities available to campers. Whether on-site or close by, you're bound to find available pools, spray parks, lakes, ponds, and more; try to get out and enjoy the water while you can. Now that it’s August, most water, whether natural or in a pool has had time to warm up over the summer months and should be enjoyable for swimming. And, there is not only swimming, but other water activities such as boating, water skiing, tubing, and more!

4. Nature Hikes

Summer is a great time to get out and do some hiking. Many campgrounds have trails that can be used. It’s usually advisable not to go off-trail in an area where you are not familiar due to a possible meet up with a wild animal or getting hurt on unfamiliar terrain.

3. Mini-Golf & Other Campground Sports

Many campgrounds have a variety of activities for guests including mini-golf, geo caching, and laser tag as well as more traditional sports like baseball, basketball, and volleyball. Don’t miss this opportunity to get outside and move while the weather is warm and there is a place to play.

2. The Great State Fair, County Fairs, & Festivals… Oh My!

August is the month for festivals, county fairs, and of course the annual Great New York State Fair. Depending on the fair you want to go to, it’s easy to find a nearby campground by doing a search for campgrounds in that area. Using the I Love NY website you can search for various fairs and festivals around the state and once you get to the page of one you’d like to attend, click on What’s Nearby under the map in the lower right corner of the page to find a campground that is close. Or, if you already know you’re going to be at a campground, look to see of what fairs or festivals might be nearby during the dates you’re staying.

1. Labor Day Weekend Celebrations

Often considered the last weekend of the summer season, many campgrounds feature parties and other events to celebrate Labor Day weekend. Of course the most important reason to celebrate Labor Day is to recognize all the hard workers in America, past and present. And what a better way to celebrate this well-deserved day off than to attend a celebration at one of your favorite campgrounds.

This list only touches on ideas for things to do while camping at the end of summer. Each campground in New York State has its own unique set of amenities, activities, and events. Go to our Explore NY page to find campgrounds by region, then click on a campground to see a listing of everything they offer. Don't let this summer pass you by!

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