Camping with Pets

If you have a pet(s) – dog, cat, or other – you most likely enjoy spending time with that pet(s). There are definitely vacations or getaways where either you can’t, or would rather not have your pet with you – a cruise comes to mind… However, a camping trip is one of the best types of vacations to take your pet.

Being in the outdoors with areas for long walks and having time to spend with your pet makes camping a great vacation to take your pet. Many campgrounds have pet-friendly spaces such as dog parks, open spaces, etc. for pets to play freely.

Although not all campgrounds are pet-friendly, there are plenty that are. Here are some things to know when considering taking your pet camping.

Determining Whether a Campground is Pet-Friendly

We try to make it easy to determine whether a campground is pet-friendly or not.

If you’re using the CONY website, check under a campground’s profile under Services and Amenities to see if a campground is pet-friendly. Or, if you’re looking for campgrounds that are pet-friendly in a particular region when using our search feature (select Find Your Park in the upper right corner of this page), use the “Filter Search Results” and check “Pets Allowed – Check for Restrictions” to only show pet-friendly campgrounds.

If using the CONY Camping Guide, each campground listing identifies whether it is pet-friendly if there is a check mark in the column labeled “Pet on a Leash”.

What Exactly Does “Pet-Friendly” Mean?

You may have noticed above that on our website, we include the verbiage “Check for Restrictions”. This is because each campground has their own policies regarding pets. This includes what types of pets are allowed, how many pets, documentation requirements, etc. You can check a campground’s website for details if available, or contact them directly to determine what is allowed with regards to bringing pets.

Tips for Traveling and Camping with Your Pet

If you have never traveled with your pet – or even if you had, but are looking for some ideas on the best ways to travel with your pet and take them camping.

  • Keep your pet in mind when packing.
    Make sure to bring plenty of food, water (if needed), bed, leash, and any other items that may make them feel more comfortable while being away from home.
  • Bring your documentation.
    Many campground require proof of vaccinations, etc., so be sure to bring these along with you if needed.
  • Make sure your pet has tags.
    In case your pet decides to take off on his or her own for a bit, be sure that they have tags for easy identification.
  • Be aware of ticks.
    Camping season is also prime tick season, so be sure to check your pet while camping to make sure there are no ticks, or if there are, that they are removed immediately.
  • Be aware of the heat.
    Camping season also means warm weather. Be sure your pet gets lots of water and has a cool place to stay. Pick a campsite near trees for added shade.
  • Don’t leave them unattended.
    We know that pets like other animals and wildlife – at least they like to chase them. To avoid any injuries, be sure there is someone with the pet at all times, or that they are in your lodging, safely in a crate or other type of carrier.

If looking for more information on traveling with your pet(s), the Humane Society as well as the American Veterinary Medical Association have a number of tips.

Pets are a great addition to a camping trip. And by just doing a few simple things before your trip as mentioned above, you can make sure both you and your pet have a good vacation. If you have any photos of you camping with your pets - we'd love to see them! Post on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet!

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