Adirondacks, NY
Adirondacks, NY

The camping season is upon us and spots at campgrounds will soon be filling up. Spring is in the air – finally – and warmer weather has started to make its way to New York State.

I’m sure the diehard campers have already made their reservations, but for the majority of us more casual campers, the time to grab a site during the high season is now.

The Early Bird Gets the Campsite (or cabin, or cottage...)

For popular weekends such as holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, campsite spots and lodging reservations tend to book fast as this is a popular time to camp due to many having an extra day or two off. If you’re looking to go camping one of these weekends, it’s time to get your site booked. Do a review of the possible campgrounds you’d like to visit and evaluate where you want to go and when. Many campground websites already have a calendar of events for the upcoming camping season to help you make your decision.

Once you’re ready to book, keep in mind that a lot of campgrounds offer online booking. You can check some of these out at NY Cabin Rentals or go the campground website directly. If online booking is not available, your campground reservation is only a phone call away.

Plan a Weekend – or Weekday - Getaway

If you are not able to get a spot at the campground of your choice during a prime time or you prefer not to camp on a holiday weekend for whatever reason, there are still plenty of other weekends throughout the summer. Plan a weekend getaway or take some of that much-deserved time off from work for an extra day or two for a weekday stay.

Can’t Commit to a Date?

If you know you want to camp this summer, but are not sure where yet, don’t panic. While weekend bookings during the high season tend to go fast, there is still the opportunity to book campground lodging during the week at shorter notice. And, it’s always good to check with the campground you want to visit – you never know what might still be available. In addition, the Fall camping season is becoming more and more popular among campers, especially in New York State with the mild weather and changing color of the leaves.

Whatever your preference for when you book your camping trip or trips this season, it’s a good idea to at least start thinking about it now. The sooner you decide, the sooner you start preparing and getting excited for your camping trip!

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