2015 Camping Season in New York State

It’s almost that time again and we’re getting excited for the 2015 camping season in New York and to leave the long, cold, and snowy winter behind us! Though it has still been relatively cold in New York State, there have been days that remind us that Spring is here and warmer weather is on its way. And, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts a warm April and May for the Northeast region, and a hot summer.

For some campgrounds, opening season is as early as April 1, with others opening in mid-April, May 1 or mid-May (and still a few others that are open year-round). You can see a complete review of open dates in the digital version of the 2015 CONY Directory, or search for a New York campground by region or campground name. As with every new season, everyone in the camping world is very busy preparing for the opening weekend and also getting excited to welcome the first round of campers and those to come.  

If you’ve already had this day in mind for some time now, you are most likely a diehard camper – someone who looks forward to the camping season every year and starts prepping a few months in advance.

Here are 5 signs that you are a diehard camper:

5.  Your Tent or RV is already clean, aired out, and ready to go… and has been for a few months now.

Once the previous camping season ended, you were already cleaning everything up in your tent or RV and working on getting any necessary repairs made. You may have even been attending the latest New York State RV Shows for the latest products and accessories.

4.  You’ve already made your plans and reservations for the busy season.

The areas in New York State (or any other locations) and campgrounds you want to visit have already been determined and booked, especially for those you want to visit during holiday weekends. If you’re someone who prefers to stay in a cabin, cottage or other type of lodging, NY Cabin Rentals offers online reservations for many of the listed campgrounds.

3.  Visits to local area attractions have already been determined.

While you’ve left some wiggle room for attractions you might want to visit along the way, for the most part you have your itinerary set. New York State has a ton of: museums; historical sites; trails for biking, hiking, and more; festivals; and other things to do in every season that you’ll never be lacking for adventure. The I Love NY website has a comprehensive listing of places to go and things to see for easy searching.

2.  Meals for upcoming trips are already being planned.

The two most important things for survival: shelter and food – now that shelter is set, food is next on the list. You’ve already been selecting area restaurants to try, food-related festivals to attend, and have been gathering a collection of delicious looking camping recipes.

1.  What camping season? My camping season never ends.

For you, there is no beginning or end to the camping season. You camp year round, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Even if you’re not a diehard camper… yet, there is still time to find a campground, make a reservation, and begin your plans for the start of the camping season. Start the search by selecting the “Find Your Park” in the top right of this website. And, stay in touch with CONY on Facebook and Twitter for the latest camping news! You can also view some awesome camping related photos by following us on Instagram at nycampgrounds.

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