Erie Canalway Trail, photo courtesy National Park Service
Erie Canalway Trail, photo courtesy National Park Service

It’s that time of year again – our New York camping directory for 2015 is completed and available! The CONY directory is a great guide for planning your next camping trip. It is full of information on campgrounds all over the state with details for each, as well as things to do while in the area, including restaurants and other amenities.

The theme for our directory this year is "Hit the Trail to New York Camping". Whether it’s a walking trail, driving trail, water trail or some other passageway, New York has so much to offer.

New York is a treasure trove of well known, and some not so well known trails for hiking, biking, running, snowmobiling, or just a leisurely scenic walk. In addition to ground trails, New York also offers a network of byways, scenic roads, parkways and touring routes for those interested in a tour by way of road.

Many of these trails are located near campgrounds, making for convenient lodging. If you’re taking a driving tour, camping – whether it be in a tent, a cottage, or RV - is one of the easiest ways to stay overnight while making your way on a trail.

Trails, Trails, and more Trails

New York offers a large network of trails located throughout the state. From the New York City area and Hudson Valley region, up through Adirondacks and over to the Central and Western Part of the state, New York has a system of trails in all directions.

These trails are a combination of driving trails by way of scenic byways, parkways, and touring routes, trails by train, as well as thousands of miles of trails and paths for hiking, walking, running, biking, snowmobiling, skiing, and more.

Many of these trails are located near historic sites. The Heritage Trails are a series of trails that highlight historically significant events and people in New York State including the Underground Railroad, Revolutionary War, Women’s Heritage, and historic sites related to Theodore Roosevelt. There is also a system of historic markers that identify locations of historic events, buildings, and more. And, Haunted trails are always a big hit when discovering New York's rich history.

New York offers a large network of hiking/biking trails. One of the most well-known trails – the Appalachian Trail – weaves its way from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, through New York, and continues on North from there. First planned in the 1920s, the Appalachian Trail was completed in 1937. It still attracts a large number of hikers, some who hike the entire trail and others who make a short trip.

If water is your thing, the Hudson River has a designated water trail going from New York City up through to Albany. The Erie Canal also features a large network of trails extending from north of Albany over to Buffalo.

The I Love NY Website features a variety of information about the state's trails including hiking, bicycling, driving tours, and more.

Camping While Traveling

What better way to travel New York State’s trails than doing it while camping. The numerous campgrounds located throughout the state make it easy to find a place to stay for the night while making your way along a route. If you know the area you want to visit and trails you want to explore, it's best to make campgrounds reservations in advance, though you should be able to find last minute reservations as well if you're not sure of your plans. To find a campground in the region you're looking to visit you can use our "Find Your Park" feature located in the upper right corner of this website and search by region. You can also request a printed copy of our New York Camping guide or view/download here.

What is your favorite trail in New York State? Let us know which one and why via Facebook or Twitter, hashtag #HitTheTrailNY

Planning a camping trip for this upcoming Spring, Summer, or Fall? Be sure to request the 2015 CONY Directory for the most up-to-date campground listings and information on events, activities, and more in the area.

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