Hemlock Gorge in Ithaca, NY
Hemlock Gorge in Ithaca, NY

New York is a beautiful state at any time of the year. The state has the best of both worlds with the hustle and bustle of the city as well as the quiet of the country, and pretty much everything in between.  There is a distinct change of seasons offering the opportunity to participate in both summer and winter activities.

One of the best ways to enjoy New York and all it has to offer is through camping. Whether your favorite method of camping is using a tent or cozying up in a cabin, there are so many reasons to be thankful that New York has a wide variety of campgrounds and camping options.

Here are some of the top reasons that we’re thankful for camping in New York State:

  1. Hiking
    Many of the campgrounds in New York State offer hiking trails. Whether located in the peaks of the Adirondacks or near the shores of Lake Ontario, New York State offers a combination of terrain and scenery that offers a pleasant and scenic hiking experience. Check out this list of some of the best hiking spots in New York.
  2. Biking
    Hiking not your thing? Bike trails are also available at many campgrounds in New York State. Some of these campgrounds also offer bike rentals so you don’t need to bring yours along if you’re limited on space.
  3. Golfing
    New York State has almost 1,000 golf courses including many of the top golf courses in the country – both private and public. Some New York State campgrounds also offer golf as an amenity if you prefer to stay on the grounds.
  4. Mountains
    Three mountain ranges make their way through New York including the Adirondacks, the Catskills and the Appalachian Mountains. These mountains make great for great camping, hiking, and are especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves are changing color.
  5. The City
    New York is a state that offers the best of all worlds whether you’re a city or country lover. There are numerous campgrounds located close to New York City in the Hudson Valley region and on Long Island. Some campgrounds in these areas even offer shuttles to local train stations so that getting to the city for a day trip is even easier.
  6. Lakes
    New York State is home to over 100 well-known lakes including two of the Great Lakes – Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, and many smaller lakes as well.  Some of the larger (non-Great Lake) lakes include the Finger Lakes, Oneida Lake and Lake Champlain. You name a lake in New York State and there is bound to be one or many campgrounds on the lake or nearby. There are also many lakes in the Adirondack region that sit among the mountains offering some of the nicest views around. And, speaking of water, don’t forget Niagara Falls located just outside of Buffalo, NY!
  7. Gorges
    What exactly is a gorge you ask? According to The Free Dictionary, it’s “a deep narrow passage with steep rocky sides; a ravine.” There are many gorges located throughout New York State. Many spectacular gorges can be found in Ithaca and Watkins Glen featuring beautiful waterfalls. The Adirondacks also features some beautiful gorges including High Falls Gorge on the Ausable River near Lake Placid. There are many campgrounds located close to gorges. Just determine the gorge(s) you want to visit and then do a search using "Find Your Park" above in that region. Don’t miss out on this geological wonder!
  8. Historic Sites
    As one of the thirteen colonies and home to numerous Native American tribes, New York boasts a long and rich history and features numerous historic sites for visiting throughout the state. Once you determine where you want to visit, just do a search using the “Find Your Park” search in the upper left corner of this page for a campground nearby for convenient visiting. Also, if you plan to visit multiple historic sites, campgrounds offer a great place to stop and stay along the way.
  9. Cuisine
    New York City isn’t the only place in the state that you can find fine cuisine. New York State is home to innovative and unique cuisine, much of it created using locally grown produce and meats. You can find a listing of New York State food and drink producers on the Taste NY website. The New York Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua, NY was designed to feature all New York State has to offer in terms of food and drink.  And, if it’s not necessarily fine cuisine you’re looking for, New York is also the originator of many dishes including Spiedies, Chicken French, Garbage Plates, and of course Buffalo wings.
  10. Wine Tasting
    The Finger Lakes region is famously known as the home to numerous wineries featuring award-winning wine. But, did you know that New York has wineries throughout the state? From Long Island to the northern most point of the state to the Niagara region, wine lovers can find numerous wineries. To locate a winery near you, or to find one in the region you're visiting, check out this map of New York State wineries. Camping in the area of the winery you visit is a great way to take a day trip down a wine trail or two. And, if you’re not a wine lover, New York is also home to many breweries and distilleries.

Let us know if you would add anything to this list!

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