Camping in New York

As fall carries on and winter approaches park season for many campgrounds will soon be ending. Here in New York we’ve had a bit of an Indian summer and overall the weather has been nice – almost better than it was in the summer… Aside from the good weather, though, below are five reasons you should go camping now before the opportunity is gone until next year.

  1. Camping season for some will soon be coming to an end.
    For many campgrounds in New York, their open season ends mid-late October. Note: There are some campgrounds open year round – so if you’re looking to camp late into the year and early next, there are always opportunities!
  2. Take advantage of more affordable campground rates.
    After Labor Day and the busy summer season ends, many campgrounds offer lower rates. Enjoy all the same amenities for less money and smaller crowds.
  3. The beautiful fall scenery.
    I’ve written before about the great opportunities for sightseeing and activities in the fall. Don’t miss out on seeing some spectacular scenery and take advantage of the nice weather now as winter will be here before you know it!
  4. The perfect opportunity for a long weekend is fast approaching!
    Many of you are due for a day off soon for the yearly recognition of Columbus Day. This year Columbus Day falls on Monday October 13th and even if you don’t have the day off, it’s the perfect excuse for taking a day off or using that extra floating holiday. Don’t miss out on that last weekend of camping in before the end of the regular camping season.
  5. It’s a good time of year to try “glamping”.
    Try camping in style! Some campgrounds offer yurts for camping, a lightweight, portable structure that is more sturdy than a traditional camping tent. Yurts can hold beds, couches, and other amenities that make for a more “glamorous” camping trip.

The list can go on – fall camping brings less bugs, better sleeping weather, opportunity for fall activities, and more. What are you waiting for? Book your weekend getaway today before the snow flies!

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