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While you do not want to minimize your adventure potential when you go on vacation, unwanted surprises can ruin your time away. Here are some tips for safe camping in New York's excellent places to explore by RV.

New York is a great state to tour by RV. To see all of your RV camping choices, check out this page and pick your favorite region.

Check Out These Travel TipsTravel Safely

Whatever choice region you choose in New York, you want to come prepared. Here are a few easy tips for timesaving preparations before you go.

  1. Pack appropriate clothing for the weather and season. Check your weather Apps and add the major locations you plan to visit.
  2. Check coupons for plenty of money saving deals ahead of time.
  3. Be sure to take a first-aid kit in the car and extra fuses, bulbs, water, and motor oil. You should always pack an emergency car kit with a flashlight, a shart knife, jumper cables, screwdriver and duct tape. You also should have emergency numbers to call for help and emergency equipment if needed.
  4. Take cell phones and chargers, your laptop computer and/or tablet if you use them. Take chargers for each of these. Remember your camera if you use a separate one from your cell phone's camera.
  5. When traveling with children, bring their favorite toys and games along. If your vehicle is equipped with a DVD player, bring along a few favorite DVD's for the kids. Bring energy bars, apples and other snacks, good juice or water to drink and even favorite blankets and pillows.
  6. If traveling in your own vehicle, make sure you have properly prepared and maintained it. Ensure you have good tires, and they are properly inflated. See that the oil is changed and the brakes, spark plugs and other essentials are checked out by a qualified mechanic. Check coolant, oil, transmission fluid, washer fluid and brake fluid levels as well. Inspect the hoses and belts, batteries, blinkers, windshield wipers and A/C and see that all are in good shape. Take along your own WD-40 or similar lubricant.

Most of all remember your purpose for traveling and now that you are prepared, have fun and enjoy New York!


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